About the Online Silhouette Shoot Competition Web Site

This web site was designed to have a friendly informal Silhouette Shoot Competition with people around the world. This is something you can do in your house, garage, back yard, or where ever you can shoot safely. One great thing about this web site is you can compete with as little as your airgun, pellets, and targets. No traveling any further than your favorite shooting grounds.

What can I do if I create an account?

You can participate in the weekly challenges by submitting your scores, create equipment profiles, see your shooting statistics, see web site shooting statistics, see who the top shooters are, create shooting events, and more features to come. We wanted to make this an environment where anyone can pop by for a visit, see how your shooting scores compare each week with others and to track your progress.

Why should I submit weekly scores?

By submitting your scores each week, you can track your progress. Are you getting better or worse? Maybe you modified or changed your airgun in some way and want to see if that is helping you out. There are lots of reasons to keep submitting your scores but probably one of my favorites is the Stats. How do I compare to other people, or my age group, or by region, etc. How about can you make it to the top shooters list? So there are lots of reasons to submit your weekly scores but most of all its FUN!

How do I get started with Silhouette Shooting?

First, you have to create an account. Its FREE and only takes a minute. Any information provided is voluntary and only used on this site (for calculating statistics) and for no other purpose.

For Paper Classes : Print your own targets (used for all 6 Paper Classes) or buy the nice paper pre package Silhouette Targets from your favorite airgun store. Then just go out and shoot your 40 shots at the target. 2 shots are taken at each of 20 silhouettes for a total possible score of 40/40. Count up your score based on hitting the silhouettes (Pellets just touching the "black" are counted as a hit). Come back to the web site and submit your results.

For Metal Classes : If your wanting to shooting steel silhouette targets check out the targets at www.steelplinkers.com for awesome quality targets that will last you an extremely long time. Also PyramydAir.com has the Air Venturi Shoot 'Em Down Metal Silhouette Targets that will work great too. Go out and shoot your 40 shots at the metal targets. Then count up your score based on hitting the silhouettes and come back to the web site and submit your results.

Be sure to come back later to check your scores once the week closes out so you can see who the final winners are and where you placed.

How about my kid's scores, can I enter them in?

Sure, the more the merrier. You can submit your kid's scores under your own account. Just be sure to change the Name and age (optional) when entering in their score. The only down side to doing it this way is their score will affect your own Stats; as that is calculated per account basis. You can always create an account for your kids so your Stats stay true to how you're doing.

What if I entered a score incorrectly?

No worries, you can edit your score to correct the information. But be careful, you can only change current week's score and it will be marked as a modified score. So you will want to make sure everything entered in is correct the first time. It is even possible to delete one of your weekly scores if you accidentally entered in info from the wrong target.

How are winners decided on Ties? (Updated 8/28/2013)

That's a tough one and the best method is based on the toughest animal to shoot. The the toughest animal order is Turkey, Ram, Chicken and Pig. So if the total score is the same, then the highest Turkey score beats a tied total score. If total score and Turkey is the same then it goes to whom ever has the highest Ram score and so on. If for the very rare scenario that all scores are the exact same, then it will default to whom ever posted the scores first.

Can I show a picture of my weekly target?

Yes! You can show people a picture of your target (and airgun) you shot for the week. You will need to have it hosted somewhere like DropBox or your own web site. You enter that information when entering in your weekly score in the field "Target Picture"; it will need to be a fully qualified URL meaning the full address (Limit 100 characters long URL). example:


An Icon will show up next to your score for people to click on to see your targets. It will only save jpg, gif, png, or bmp images, anything else will not save the information. Please do not abuse this privilege by trying to post an ad or other things than target/equipment pictures. Thank You.

Why can't I see everyone's current week's scores?

Would that be fair to see everyone else's scores before everyone posted them? Part of the thrill is checking the scores and seeing how you did, but only after everyone has submitted their scores!

Why can't I edit my scores after the week closes on Sunday night?

That keeps us all fair so we have a fun competition. Once the scores are reveled there is no changing your scores. That's why you have to be sure you entered them in correctly the first time.

What is this Week Number thing I see all over the web site?

Week Number is the participation time period. It is a combination of Year and Week. It's a way of recording a specific time frame so it's not an arbitrary number as time goes on.

What's the Date Format being used?

The Date Format being used is MM / DD / YYYY. A future enhancement might eventually make it so you can change it to something like DD / MM / YYYY. But that kind of enhancement would probably be further down the line.

How to utilize the stats.

Information like Sex, Birth Year and Country are only used in calculating the stats. If you didn't provide this information when creating your account, your scores simply won't be used in the calculations of those stats. You can always add that information later but it will NOT apply to your old submitted scores. Part of the Stats Info will be calculated each month on the 1st and the other part is calculated on the fly (instant stats). So be sure to come back and see who is top ranked shooters and other info.

I have a suggestion for the web site.

Suggestion are great, we would appreciate feedback on the web site. We'll review your suggestions and see if they can be done and implemented. Send an email to Admin@OnlineSilhouetteShoot.com with your suggestion.

What about multiple languages?

That would be cool to have the site in multiple languages, but that takes a lot of work and several translators to accomplish this feat. So for now this web site will be in English only.

I found a problem or miscalculation on the web site.

If you found a bug or a problem with the web site we are sorry for the inconvenience. We would appreciate it if you could give us a brief explanation of the problem and how you navigated to the problem; that would give us the info we need to resolve the issue. Send an email to Admin@OnlineSilhouetteShoot.com with the details.

What does it mean I have been flagged?

Oh no, you got that message? Well that isn't good news, that tells me you have done something that is unbecoming of a gentleman (or gentlewoman). Trying to cheat or circumvent the security put into place will flag your account for reviewal. You do not want that to happen as your account can and will be suspended or terminated and your scores removed if you are cheating the system. (You don't want to be that person do you?) If you received the message that you have been flagged and you feel it was unjustified, please send an email to Admin@OnlineSilhouetteShoot.com for reviewal.